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golden plover
golden plover

Would you like your name or that of a loved one inscribed in the new Discovery Centre? Why not consider ‘Buying a Bird” by donating £500 or more to our Appeal?

Every year, thousands of rare golden plovers visit Rye Harbour nature reserve to overwinter from September to late March. To celebrate this special visitor from the frozen north, we’ll be creating a frieze in the new Discovery Centre designed by Bob Greenhalf, one of the country's leading wildlife artists.

Every donation of a minimum of £500 buys a golden plover in your name (or the name of a loved one) which will be acknowledged in the new Centre. You’ll also be thanked in the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre section of the Sussex Wildlife Trust website (unless you want your donation to remain anonymous, of course).

We chose the golden plover not just because they’re beautiful, but because they’re a great success story. With their distinctive winter plumage, flocks of them take off and shimmer in the sunlight, their wings catching the rays to create sheaves of gold in the sky. Through careful habitat management and conservation measures like raising water level, creating islands, and building fences, we’ve managed to increase the numbers at the Reserve considerably.

Why not join us in celebrating this rare and special visitor to our shores, and Buy a Bird for our Appeal today? Just complete our application form.