The Community Wildlife Garden

yellow horned poppy
yellow horned poppy © Barry Yates

Outside the Discovery Centre will be a new Wildlife Garden, designed for – and by – the community we hope will visit, enjoy, and help us look after it.

The garden will provide a number of features:

  • Seating, tables and benches for people to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat from the café 
  • Spectacular views of the Reserve and boats passing on the nearby River Rother
  • Planters containing the rare and endangered species found on the Reserve 
  • Bug hotels and other nooks and crannies for insects and aquatic creatures
  • Interpretation panels for people to discover more about the plants and creatures living there
  • An Education amphitheatre with stepped seating for outdoor learning or formal or informal meetings and social gatherings
  • A ramp providing wheelchair-friendly access to and from the Discovery Centre café and paved areas in the garden to enable them to enjoy it 
  • Bicycle racks for visitors travelling by bike
  • A dog-friendly zone with watering points and ties for leads

Taking part

We want our local community to be involved in making the garden a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy.

We’ll be holding events to help us plan out how the garden will be planted so if you’d like to get involved please let us know by mailing us at

We’ll also be looking for keen volunteers who may like to assist us in creating it, by helping construct some of its features, plant out the species it will contain, and look after it over time. Again, if you’d like to help just let us know by mailing or visiting our temporary information centre on the Reserve.

sea kale
Sea kale © Barry Yates

Why not sponsor our Garden?

 The Wildlife Garden will be a magnet for visitors to the Reserve, so why not think about sponsoring it to help us meet the costs of creating it? 

  • You could help by sponsoring a table or bench in memory of a loved one
  • You could sponsor the Education amphitheatre to promote learning in the region
  • You could sponsor a cluster of rare or endangered plants in one of the planters
  • You could sponsor the entire Wildlife Garden as a site to highlight the need to garden more sustainably with plants which can thrive in our dry, coastal landscapes

If you’d like to know more about sponsoring any aspect of the wildlife garden, please contact us at