How much will the Discovery Centre cost?

The Discovery Centre

Building anything in a Nature Reserve is expensive, and the Discovery Centre Project is no different.

Even though the land the new Centre will be built on is the one part of the Reserve which doesn’t share the same international protections as the rest of the site its location is still within the Reserve, so everything has to be done with extra special care.

We’ve worked to keep the costs to the absolute minimum but, for the Centre to do all the things needed of it, it has to be designed just right. It also needs to be constructed with the environment in mind – out of sustainable materials and with zero harm to the wildlife and habitats surrounding it.

The total Project costs are set out below. Once it’s open, of course, there are other costs to add, like staff salaries, energy and utility bills, and other ongoing running costs.

It’s a big target, but we’re on our way to finding the monies required.

We can’t do it without your help, though, so please think about donating to our Appeal – just click here 

RHDC costs